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AAR 2018 Announcements

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아프리카에서 학회 참석을 요청하는 편지를 안재원 이사님께서 전달해주셔서,

 회원님들과 공유하고자 합니다.

주제는 <오바마> 수사학입니다.
회원님 가운데에 관심이 있으신 분들께서는 아래 내용과 첨부한 파일을 일람해주시기 바랍니다.


총무이사 안성재 드림 

--------- 원본 메일 ---------
보낸사람 : Segun Ige <aar.southafrica@gmail.com>
받는사람 : Segun Ige <ige.segun@gmail.com>
받은날짜 : 2018-01-03 (수) 12:40:02
제목 : AAR 2018 Announcements
Greetings Fellow Rhetors,
I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed the well-deserved break and you are in high spirit to return to work.
I wish you a most productive year. I pray that you remain in good health through this 2018.
Some News
1)  African Journal of Rhetoric Volume 9:  The 2017 edition of the African Journal of Rhetoric [The Rhetoric of Good Governance] has been published and has already appeared on SABINET. EBSCO has also indicated their interest in hosting the Journal. I believe this will give journal a wider coverage and distribution. As soon as I receive the print copies I shall send to contributors. Work has started on Volume 10 and we advise that as many members that would still like their papers to be reviewed for publication in the coming edition should kindly send in their papers in due time. We will be moving fast on this publication. Professor Masemola (UNISA) will be co-editing Volume 10. We will be working on 2 editions. We are looking for reviewers. Kindly let me know if you would like to peer review one or two papers.
2) The Companion to African Rhetoric is still in the works. We are hoping colleagues who have submitted their abstracts would kindly complete their papers latest by April 30. This will help to expedite the review process. Companions generally take longer to produce than most other publications. I look forward to receiving your chapters. My profound gratitude goes to all who have submitted their chapters and to all remaining in anticipation of timely submission.
3) At Howard University, we are working on a Book Project with the provisional title: Obama’s Rhetorical Presidency and Legacy: Global African Perspectives. We consider this a flagship project and we would like to systematically work on a series on African Presidents depending on availability of resources and interest. We would like as many individuals as would like to contribute to send in abstracts by the end of the month. January 30. Kindly check the call for papers. [https://cfas.howard.edu/news-announcement/call-papers-obama%E2%80%99s-rhetorical-presidency-and-legacy-global-african-perspectives]. I have also attached the call for papers in case you would like to share with your colleagues or cross post. 
 AAR Executive Committee
Based on the discussions at the last conference, we would like to have nominations for the following positions: 1) President, 2) Vice President, 3) General Secretary, 4) Treasurer, 5) Financial Secretary. We would also like to have suggestions for who we can approach can approach to serve as Patron. Kindly submit your nominations or volunteer yourself for the aforementioned offices on or before January 30. Please note that officers must be fee paying members. Since the African Association for Rhetoric (AAR) is an aspect of the broader African Rhetoric Project, we will restructure the present steering committee which will oversee all activities and events.
Dr Rufus Adebayo will be hosting the next conference in Durban. The provisional title will be: The Rhetoric and Language of Decolonisation in Africa: Challenges and Prospects. Provisional date is July 4-6 2018. We will send out call for papers in a week or two.
 Book Review
I recently met the publisher at Universal Write Publications LLC. New York, who has given us some books to review. Kindly let me know if you would like to review any of the titles below.
1) Molefe Kete Asante (2015) African Pyramids of Knowledge: Kemet, Afrocentricity and Africology. New York: Universal Write Publications.
2) Molefe Kete Asante (2016) Lynching Barack Obama: How Whites tried to String Up the President. New York: Universal Write Publications.
3) Molefe Kete Asante (2017) Revolutionary Pedagogy: Primer for Teachers of Black Children. New York: Universal Write Publications.
4) Darryl Taiwo Harris (ed.) (2017) Newschaser: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries. New York: Universal Write Publications.
We are still working on the reconstruction of the website. As soon as it goes live I shall let you know.
Once again, I wish everyone the most productive year and I look forward to seeing you in Durban in July.

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